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 Micronet provides Cat.6 cable for telecommunications cabling within a commercial building. The cat.6 cable designs have a spline to increase the separation between pairs and also to maintain the pair geometry. This additional separation improves advanced performance and allows cat.6 compliance to be achieved.
  • Compliant with TIA/EIA-568B.2-1, Draft 10, IEC/PAS 611565 Edition 10 class standards for Cat.6.
  • Cat.6: Great for generation voice/data applications (Gigabit Ethernet, 155Mb/s ATM, 100 Mb/s TP-PMD/CDDI Fast Ethernet)
  • Cat.6: Increased usable bandwidth up to 250MHz

Model SP1102S
Category Cat.6
Cable Type UTP
Conductor Type Solid
Number of Twist Pair 4
AWG (American Wire Gauge) Number 24
Fire Retardant Grade 75°C
Length (M) 1/3/5
Wiring Standard TIA/EIA-568B

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